Mission Statement

The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (OSRR) promotes a campus climate of integrity, civility, accountability and student well-being by providing a wide array of resources, education, and support services for the university community. OSRR also includes Student Conduct and Academic Integrity & Student Care Services. OSRR oversees the Golden Rule Student Handbook, The UCF Creed,  the Admission Clearance process, Dean’s Certifications, Program Verification, the UCF CARES initiative, and the University Crisis Team.


  1. Foster student success and well-being inside and outside the classroom, while balancing student rights and responsibilities.
  2. Create a hub of resources and referrals for student’s experiencing challenges impeding their personal and academic success.
  3. Promote ethical practices and the importance of making critical decisions.
  4. Educate on the UCF Creed: integrity, scholarship, community, creativity and excellence in an effort to create productive citizens of the UCF community and beyond.

Rights & Responsibilities

Curious as to what your rights and responsibilities are as a UCF student? The Office Student Rights and Responsibilities is here to ensure that the rights of students – our most important group – are protected and respected.

As a UCF student, you are entitled to respect and civility as you study here, but you have an important role to play in this free and open exchange of ideas we call a university. You also must be aware of your responsibilities and expectations as a student – and that’s where “5.006 Student Rights and Responsibilities” comes in. Here, you’ll find your rights and expectations clearly spelled out. Read it. Know it. Your time as an UCF student will be better for it.