Release of Discipline Records/Dean Certifications/Letters of Good Standing

Discipline Clearance, Dean Certification or Letter of Good Standing, pertaining to UCF disciplinary records, can be completed when a student submits the proper forms to the Assistant Dean of Students in the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. Receipt of these documents will allow the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities to report UCF disciplinary record(s) to requesting entities such as institutions of higher education, professional schools or government agencies. A Discipline Clearance also occurs when a member of the Federal Government comes in with a request for information on a student. In all cases, an authorization to release information is required.

A Discipline Clearance, Dean Certification or Letter of Good Standing is requested for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to:

  • Transferring from UCF to another institution
  • Acceptance into academic programs
  • Study Abroad
  • Background information for new employees
  • Background information for law enforcement
  • Scholarships
  • Volunteering
  • Application for the Bar

In order to process your Discipline Clearance, Dean Certification or Letter of Good Standing more efficiently, please abide by the following guidelines:

  1. If your form requires graduation verification, transcript requests, GPA, eligibility to return or any type of academic record verification, please send your form directly to the Registrar’s Office and they will forward it to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities once it’s complete. Please contact them directly for information on the releases they require.
  2. If the requesting institution/agency only needs UCF disciplinary records and provides you with a form requesting your discipline records, complete the top portion of the form and upload it to the release to the right so that we can process this request.
  3. If the institution or agency requiring a Dean Certification/Letter of Good Standing does not provide you with a form, please fill out the permission to release records form to the right. This will allow us to send a Letter of Good Standing.
  4. If you are requesting information for more than one school, please complete only one Permission to Release Records Form.  The form is large enough to include all schools along with their e-mail addresses.


  • We will not process requests without authorization.
  • Our Procedures allow us to e-mail these documents to colleges/universities and law enforcement only.
  • UCF will not provide envelopes or stamps for documents that are to be mailed to the institution/agency. When providing an envelope be sure to leave the return address blank as our address will be the return address.
  • Please be advised that the individual requesting this information cannot be the recipient.

All forms must be submitted ten to fifteen (10-15) business days prior to their deadline. For questions the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities.