Sexual Misconduct and/or Interpersonal Violence

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Title IX protects people from discrimination based on sex in education programs or activities that receive federal financial assistance. Sex-based discrimination can include sexual assault, relationship abuse, stalking, and sexual harassment, which the Golden Rule Student Handbook categorizes as sexual misconduct and/or interpersonal violence. All disclosures of these types of incidents are taken seriously.

This website describes reporting options, resources, and rights for students who have been impacted by sexual misconduct and/or interpersonal violence. Our detailed Title IX Policy, Procedure, and Resources can be found at A variety of services on campus, as well as local and national organizations, are available to assist you as you make informed decisions. Resources and support services include access to confidential advocacy and support, safety planning, interim protective measures, other accommodations, and counseling.

The University of Central Florida does not tolerate sexual misconduct or interpersonal violence that occurs on or off campus and will take prompt and effective steps to:

    • End the behavior
    • Eliminate any existing hostile environment
    • Prevent incidents from recurring
    • Remedy the effects of such incidents

Know your rights. Know your options. Know your resources.


OSRR Violence Prevention Team proposes a certification opportunity for all UCF enrolled students. Students who successfully complete all requirements will receive a certificate that identifies them as a trauma-informed leader on campus. This certificate requires students to complete the following for eligibility to receive the certificate:

  • Attend four workshops (4 total hours);
  • Attend 2-hour bystander intervention training facilitated by UCF Green Dot; and
  • Must be on good disciplinary standing

Please email the Green Dot Coordinator ( to sign up for the Green Dot training. Additionally, you can view our upcoming workshops at UCF Main Calendar . Please email if you have any additional questions.

Matt Ricke | Title IX Coordinator 407-823-1336

Dana Juntunen | Deputy Title IX Coordinator 407-823-4683 Title IX Supportive Measures 407-823-5607