Program Verification

Academic Affairs:

POLICY STATEMENT: Students are frequently asked to represent the university in authorized events and activities. In some cases, this participation conflicts with the students’ course assignments and requirements. It is university policy that faculty members offer a reasonable opportunity for such students to complete missed classroom deadlines or assignments, including written or oral examinations, quizzes, term papers, or other assignments. Furthermore, the make-up assignment and grading scale should be equivalent to the missed assignment and its grading scale. No penalty due to absence may be applied to these make-up assignments.

PROCEDURES: The names of students participating in authorized activities, intercollegiate athletics, band, choir, co-curricular activities, and academically related program events will be listed on a Program Verification Form. It is the student’s responsibility to present a copy of this form signed by the appropriate individual to the faculty member(s) responsible for the class from which the student will be absent. The student must provide the Program Verification Form prior to the class in which the absence occurs. The university sponsor signs a copy of the Program Verification Form and files it with the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities ( or Ferrell Commons room 227) for verification purposes.