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Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities

Admissions Clearance

Universities may deny admission or readmission to an applicant due to past misconduct on or off campus, providing such denial is consistent with state and federal law. Florida Board of Governors Regulation 6.001 authorizes universities to refuse admission to applicants due to past misconduct. University boards of trustees shall establish guidelines regarding evidence required for such action (UCF Regulations Chapter UCF-2). All applicants for admission or readmission to the University of Central Florida, including applicants for post-baccalaureate or non-degree-seeking attendance, and regardless of program of study, are required to disclose on the application prior criminal conduct, pending criminal charges, and prior educational misconduct. The University reviews all applications in which a student discloses prior criminal conduct or prior educational misconduct to determine whether the admission of the applicant is in the best interest of the University. The office responsible for this review is the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. Applicants who fail to disclose prior criminal misconduct, pending criminal charges, or any prior educational misconduct are in violation of the disclosure requirements of this paragraph and may be subject to appropriate action by the University, including denial of admission or readmission, revocation of admission, or other academic and/or disciplinary action prescribed by the University, up to and including dismissal. Applicants are not required to disclose minor traffic violations.

Release of Discipline Records/Dean Certifications/Letters of Good Standing

A Discipline Clearance, Dean Certification or Letter of Good Standing, pertaining to UCF disciplinary records, can be completed when a student submits the proper forms to the Assistant Dean of Students in the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. Receipt of these documents will allow the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities to report UCF disciplinary record(s) to requesting entities such as institutions of higher education, professional schools or government agencies. A Discipline Clearance also occurs when a member of the Federal Government comes in with a request for information on a student.

NOTE: In all cases, an authorization to release information is required and all forms must be submitted ten to fifteen (10‐15) business days prior to their deadline. Please be advised that the individual requesting this information cannot be the recipient. For questions on how to obtain a Discipline Clearance, please contact the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities.